Duke Bao-Zhu

Duke Bao-Zhu

The ruler of the Four Rivers province, duke Bao, was aptly nicknamed Bao-Zhu. ‘Zhu’ translates to pig, and the duke earned this nickname due to his appearance and gluttony, which alienated not only close friends but also acquaintances.

Bao-Zhu was the son of duke Bao Gun and the beautiful Xue Jing, who happened to be the daughter of the ruler of Kruitep. From his early days, young Bao stood out from his peers with chubby cheeks, and his plumpness did not diminish.

Takuan and duke Bao-Zhu met in the duke’s castle, where Takuan arrived on an important matter. As for the specifics of the matter, we shall not discuss it here. Let’s just say that duke Bao-Zhu was delighted by the unexpected guest as an excuse for an extraordinary, already the sixth change of lunch dishes. This happened within the pages of the book ‘The Prince of Blue Flowers.’

Duke Bao-Zhu also plays a significant role in ‘Envoys of Celestials.’ If it weren’t for the duke’s presence in the castle or his inherent arrogance, the messengers of the Goddess of the West would not have found... However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

If you want to know a little more about Duke Bao-Zhu, you must visit his Makipedia page.

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