Wang-Zhu Leizu

Wang-Zhu Leizu

Wang Leizu, nicknamed ‘Zhu,’ which means ‘pig,’ catches Takuan's eye in the middle of ‘The Prince of Blue Flowers,’ but his story began long before the events described in the book.

Once upon a time, in the dawn of time, he was an entirely ordinary, albeit hefty warrior who traveled through Chinayindu, never staying in one place for long. The reason for this was not only his insatiable appetite but also his habit of getting into fights, which, unsurprisingly, mostly occurred in roadside inns. He didn’t do it out of malice but quite the opposite, in the name of justice, which was always in short supply whenever a wandering warrior, massive as a mountain, appeared in the inn.

Of all the weapons, Wang Leizu held in the highest regard the kaumodaki mace – a long staff with a massive heavy ball at the end. Besides the wandering warrior himself, few were capable of lifting this staff.

A distinguishing feature of Wang-Zhu Leizu is his nose, which resembles a boar’s snout. Together with his completely bald head and pointed ear tips, the nose of the wandering warrior became the cause of his derogatory nickname.

This nose caused concern to its owner not only due to its appearance but also because, like many forest animals, it was the most sensitive and therefore the most painful spot for Leizu. If he was struck on the nose in the heat of another fight, he would become so furious that his eyes would be veiled in blood, and green smoke would emanate from his ears.

If you want to know a little more about Wang-Zhu Leizu, you must visit his page on the Makipedia.

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