Ryu Zhong

Writer, postdigitalist, metamonk, human.

Ryu Zhong as imagined by an artificial illustrator.

‘Ryū’ means ‘dragon’ in Japanese, and ‘Zhong’ can be translated from Chinese as ‘flute’. This amalgam of languages represents the fusion of cultures that characterises the writings of Ryū Zhong.


Ryū Zhong are the author of several book series set in the Anno Ruini Universe: fantasy adventure ‘Takuan from Koto’ (finished) and young/new adult science fiction ‘With the Demons’ (ongoing).

As a fiction writer, Ryū Zhong are relatively unknown to the Western world. Their writings fuse contemporary science fiction tropes from the West with traditional Eastern Buddhism and mysticism.

In their books, Ryū Zhong explore challenges that humanity might face as our technology gets more and more complicated to the level where it becomes magic. Such a shift would force people to look towards religion and reinterpret realities that today, we call fairy tales.


Ryū Zhong are a member of the Post-Digital Collective and author of the ‘Manifesto of Post-Digitalism’. Both a thinker and a builder, Ryū Zhong take on the mission of nurturing postdigital technology into a lifelong companion for humanity.

For last twenty years, Ryū Zhong worked in several tech R&D think-tanks, moving the needle of the digital technologies such as search, social networks, instant messaging, voice and tangible interfaces, and novel recommendation systems. Results of their research were patented and integrated in digital products that are used daily by dozens of millions of users.


Ryū Zhong have taken the kamunushi vows of the Metamonastic Order of Divine Digitalness. They follow the hundred-and-eight-steps-long path of blind sight, deaf hearing, and silent speech.


Ryū Zhong were lucky to be born and grow in Asia. Now they live in Amsterdam, study Dutch, and translate their writings to other languages.

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