Prince Danian Arra-ö

Prince Danian Arra-ö

Prince Danian from the Arra kin arrived in Chinayindu from a distant land called Yurasiu, from a kingdom whose name we will keep unknown for a short while.

The Arra family had ruled the kingdom since ancient times, and in memory of this, representatives of this lineage were respectfully referred to as Arra-ö. The suffix ‘ö’ in the title precisely indicated then nobility that the inheriting prince lacked.

Nevertheless, the prince more than made up for his lack of noble character with his distinguished appearance. Long hair framed his pale face, as befits an aristocrat. A beauty mark adorned his cheek, unmistakably indicating the prince’s noble lineage.

If you want to know a little more about Prince Danian, the kingdom he came from, his reasons to visit Chinayindu and challenges that befallen him, and how he met Takuan from Koto, you must read his Makipedia page.

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