Weredemons and Other Demons

Weredemons and Other Demons

Demons are just as sentient beings as deities and gods. They are not inherently evil, nor are they necessarily good (the same can be said about gods). However, humans usually depict them as evil, often due to the demons’ inherent selfishness.

Demons reside in the Under Realm, from where they can breach into other realms. Like deities, demons do not possess mortal bodies; they only possess celestial forms. In order to remain in the Earthen Realm, they require a body or a sacred vessel, much like the gods.

What Drives the Demons

Demons are driven by primal, animalistic passions. For instance, weredemons are always hungry, angry, and greedy. Demons are born from the depths of human passions, from the ‘three roots of evil.’ These passions cannot be completely satiated; they can only be dulled. Hence, passions guide the actions of demons.

Attitude towards Death

Demons are creations – creatures that were never born. They crave mortality and, at the same time, cannot endure it. Therefore, they cannot stay in the Earthen Realm for long and destroy the bodies they possess. Their insatiable thirst for death fuels their hunger, anger, and greed – especially towards mortals who possess what demons can never attain.

Now, Weredemons

When demons manifest in corporeal form (typically by possessing someone’s body), they take on a bestial shape, such as giant bears, wolves, badgers, and so on. They appear as a blend of human and animal, akin to werewolves.

One can envision weredemons as animals that have escaped from Heavens. They always assume a bestial form and give themselves animal names, such as Brother Leopard or Brother Jackal.

If you want to know a little more about different supernatural beings of the Anno Ruini universe, you must visit the Makipedia’s page on ‘Gods, demons, and others’.

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