Takuan from Koto

Takuan from Koto

The runaway from the monastery, Takuan, appears before the reader as a teenager of around thirteen or fourteen years old, with red hair that he sometimes shaves off to pass himself off as a monk.

From a very young age, Takuan possessed cunning and restlessness, and during his time in the monastery, he learned how to use them for a good cause. Although this good cause was primarily for Takuan himself, only those who indulged in their vices – greed, anger, and ignorance – fell for his tricks.

If you want to find out about the adventures that befell Takuan, read the book called ‘The Prince of Blue Flowers,’ and then its sequels: ‘Hunters of Weredemons’ and ‘Envoys of Celestials.’

And if you want to find a little more about Takuan himself, visit Takuan’s page on Makipedia.

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Jamie Larson