Jin the Fox Cub

Jin the Fox Cub

In the White Mountain monastery, Takuan acquired a fox cub that thereafter followed him everywhere. This fox cub turned out to be so clever and cunning that Takuan gave him the nickname ‘Jin,’ which means ‘human,’ because, according to Takuan, the fox cub was not inferior to any human in intelligence or cunning. Except, of course, for Takuan himself, who held that opinion.

As befits an intelligent forest creature, the fox cub was independent-minded. While following Takuan, he would often disappear for long periods in the woods. Takuan, accustomed to this behavior, concluded that the urban and even village life did not suit the fox cub. Takuan was not mistaken in this, although he had no idea what the fox cub was up to. It is not known for certain what was on the fox cub’s mind; only that he was a faithful friend and companion to Takuan. On numerous occasions, Jin the fox cub rescued Takuan from troubles into which he would fall, succumbing to his own passions.

If you want to know a little more about Jin the fox cub, you must visit his page in the Makipedia.

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Jamie Larson