Ryu Zhong as imagined by an artificial illustrator.

Writing novels and poetry, writing papers and emails, writing on a whiteboard, and a writing on the wall. Who are we if not the writings we leave behind? A secret note left for those who might stumble upon it.

Once, websites and blogs were a thing. Newsletters were another. Now, everyone is settled in a corner of some social network. Websites stopped being a collection of writings and turned into what is now known as ‘apps’. Newsletters became a mailout utility known as ‘spam’.

Musings and thoughts are now replaced by appliances and utility. Winged creatures of the mind put into service of reason. Romance is left forever grounded in its teenager’s room. Business’ grown up and claimed house of the world. Should I change it? Could I?

I will consider myself lucky if all my efforts enable humanity to make just one step beyond its praxis. Just a single small step.

The journey of one step begins with a hundred and sixty six words.

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Jamie Larson